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Access plays a unique role in the reproductive freedom movement because our work is focused on the gap between theoretical reproductive rights and the daily reality of women's lives. In our effort to make reproductive choice a reality for all women, Access uses a combination of direct services, community education, and policy advocacy.

This multi-strategy approach is our greatest strength, and allows Access to offer unique information, analysis and strategies for action. Since our founding in 1993, we have helped more than 20,000 women find reproductive health information and services without isolation or delay. In addition to improving access to preventive care like pap smears and STD testing, our direct service programs truly make it possible for many women to obtain birth control, prenatal care and abortion services when they would otherwise be unable to access these options.

Because of our success helping women overcome geographic, economic and social barriers to care, Access is recognized by advocates, researchers and providers alike as the leading expert on access to abortion in California, especially for women facing 'special circumstances' such as the need for a second-trimester abortion, reliance on Medi-Cal, or language or transportation barriers. And as an organization run by and for young, diverse women, Access brings a critical and too often unheard perspective to public discussions and policy debates on reproductive health and rights issues.

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