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2008-2009 Campaigns

Barriers to Medi-Cal and Healthcare for Pregnant Women

Medi-Cal is a vital resource for the poor and uninsured to pay for all types of health care, yet it remains an often inaccessible or inadequate source of care for eligible women seeking reproductive health services. Many uninsured women qualify for Medi-Cal but encounter cumbersome eligibility application processes, rampant misinformation about standard application requirements, frequent case processing delays and, more recently, onerous identity documentation requirements adopted as a result of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. ACCESS is working to expose the every day barriers that pregnant women face when trying to access Medi-Cal to pay for care, propose solutions for ameliorating the barriers and partnering with the Department at Healthcare Services at all levels to remove barriers to care.

Read our policy brief about barriers to Medi-Cal here:

Medi-Cal Reimbursement for Second Trimester Abortion

Although abortion is a legal medical procedure covered by Medi-Cal, many women experience difficulty accessing abortion care, particularly in the second trimester of pregnancy. The shortage of abortion providers, and those who accept Medi-Cal specifically, is particularly a problem for women seeking abortions from 21 to 24 weeks, when the number of Medi-Cal providers dramatically decreases.

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Women Working to Achieve Universal Health Care

In California, there is a silent and growing epidemic of uninsured women who go without being able to access healthcare because they cannot afford or do not qualify for health insurance. Of California's 11 million women ages 19 through 64, 22%--or 2.5 million women--are uninsured. Women's health care matters: to their families, their communities and to the State of California. ACCESS is currently working in coalitions.Women LEAD for Health and Having Our elevate the voices of women and communities of color in the current debates and ensure that healthcare reform addresses their concerns.

Women of Color and Young Women Disproportionately Lack Access to Health Coverage:

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Learn more about the two important coalitions through which advocating for health care reform:

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