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Community Education

Access volunteers at the San Francisco Abortion Ban Community Forum

Access uses community education to dispel myths about abortion and promote better understanding of the importance of real reproductive options for women, their families and their communities. Unfortunately, even among traditional pro-choice supporters, abortion is frequently talked about as a regrettable, necessary evil, despite the fact that more than one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Many polls have shown that young women and women of color are growing more conservative in their position on abortion and reproductive choice, even as these women face the greatest barriers and are disproportionately impacted by laws restricting reproductive rights.

As a grassroots organization run by and for diverse women, Access seeks to address this disconnect and integrate women's stories and voices into public discussion and policy debate on reproductive issues. We are popular speakers for community groups and in the media, we often table and conduct workshops at health fairs and events, and more than 600 people subscribe to our quarterly newsletter and email list. Access also provides unique leadership development opportunities for young women, women of color and low-income women through our internships and volunteer trainings.

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